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Our secured Data Center is directly connected to multiple tier-1 providers (UUNet, AT&T, Global Crossing, Sprint, Level 3, and QWest) via multiple OC-12s or gigabit hand offs. This is the fastest, most direct way you can connect to the backbone of the Internet. Your server will be added to our 24-hour monitoring system that alerts our staff immediately of server outages if they should occur.

To obtain support for our Internet products please send an email to detailing your problem and we'll strive to have a resolution for you within an hour.

Don't like email? You can also use our web based interface to open trouble tickets by pointing your browser at

We also have support forums at located at

. If you are not able to reach a live person, please leave a message detailing your problem and a way to contact you and we'll return the call as soon as possible.

If you have a billing question, please send an email to or call us and we'll be glad to help you.

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